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Bluetooth Headphones

My old and cheap earphones began to break. I had difficulties to get the sound from the left side and had to turn the wire many times. I was frustrated since I always carried them inside a case and took quite good care of them. After a while I decided that it is time to update my earphones and I got interested in Bluetooth headphones.

I don’t really like big and bulky headphones but I saw there are new wireless earphones and even completely without any wires. So only two little earbuds and they come in a case that is at the same time the charger. I was looking at the prices and they were little bit too expensive for my taste. I had spent earlier less than 10 euros for my earphones. Then there was a good sales price and I purchased a couple. I was excited to try them for the first time but then I was very disappointed.

I was reading about Bluetooth more and there is always a delay with the audio with Bluetooth headphones and earphones. Usually it is not really noticeable. However with these earphones the delay was huge! I was watching videos with bad lip sync and got frustrated. I went back to shop and they told me that because there is no wire between the buds, they are are also connected with Bluetooth. So it just takes too much time to get the sound from the device to bud A and through it to the bud B.

These type of earphones are suitable for listening music but I do watch videos quite a lot so I don’t want to buy another headphones for that. And that’s why I changed the type for Bluetooth earphones with a wire that goes behind the neck. I chose these because I have really small ears and these ones were the smallest available at the moment. They were cheaper than the ones I got first and I have had them now almost half a year and I just checked that the price has come down a bit. These are also meant to be for sports so it is safe to sweat with these. I haven’t actually used them for sports yet myself since I’ve found other use for them. But for sure I believe they work fine with sports too.

photos by Heli Palomaa

Very often we have programs at work that are possible to listen from streaming services. I like to practice by listening as well as playing and I will get a lot better picture of the whole piece by listening than just playing my part. I find that it helps also to learn the tempo and the intonation faster. And I know immediately which parts I have to practice more if I can’t play them along the music.

I did this with my old earphones as well but many times I dropped my phone because of the wire. I had to stay very close to the phone. With Bluetooth I can move freely and even leave my phone to recharge. That was not possible before.

I also have a cat at home who is not really a music lover. Now I can connect my earphones either on my laptop or my phone and listen to music at home moving around and yet I don’t bother my cat. I also use them while vacuuming the apartment. These earphones block almost all noises from outside so it makes vacuuming more pleasant. Unfortunately also vacuuming bothers my cat and I can only close the door for her…

These earphones automatically work with phone calls as well. I’ve tried it only couple of times but it works fine. There is a microphone with the earphones and you simply press one button to answer the call. I bet this is really good for noisy surroundings.

Of course there are couple of downsides as well. The first one is an annoying voice telling me the battery is low every few minutes even there is 30% left of it. I think the message could be just once or then again only when it is 10% or even 5 % left. Now it is impossible to continue listening because this message keeps repeating so often.

Then because these earphones are really in-ear model, they cause noise from your body. This usually doesn’t matter a lot if you listen to the music loud but if you listen to a voice talking it might be irritating. For example the wire sometimes causes noise when rubbing against your clothes behind the neck and I can’t eat because I can only hear the sound of me eating. For some people this might also bother while playing a wind instrument because all the resonance inside the head. But actually I use my earplugs all the time while playing in the band so I am used to this part. These earphones also didn’t come with any case but luckily I had this beautiful metal case to protect them.

All in all I wanted to tell you about this product I found very useful in my job and free time and I hope it was useful for you to read it. This blog post is not sponsored.

My earphones:
JBL Reflect Mini Bluetooth Sport in-ear Headphones


HeliPauliina on SoundCloud

Finally I made it happen. My Dream about the Sound came true. It took quite a long time to put everything together, but here it comes:

I’m quite happy about it. There is not that many pieces at the moment. I would like to add so many more, but the first thing is that all the works I am using are from so called public domain composers which means that they have died over 70 years ago and then I don’t violate any copyrights.

SoundCloud tries to protect the copyrights of their users and I find good. They removed three clips of my Mozart Clarinet Quintet since the system automatically found that those were similar to few others. I had to explain that it is the same piece but everyone has the right to record it and I just published my own version of it. And they reinstated my clips quite fast.

The second thing is that I want to get a permission from all of the players that are on my recordings and not all of those musicians answered me yet. So hopefully I will add few more pieces later. Thank you for all those who already gave me answers!

The idea is not to give full recordings of everything but mainly short clips that will give you the impression of how I sound. Or actually how I have sounded since all of these are recordings are made over one year ago. It’s like my demo. I used Audacity to create these clips. I really like this software. It has many features but I ended up using only trimming and fade in/fade out and to add some volume. All of the recordings are made in concerts, exams or rehearsals. None of them are professional quality. I’ve also added links on my repertoire page on every piece that there is a recording available.

I hope you will enjoy it!