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Step Out of the Comfort Zone / Askel ulos mukavuusalueelta

photo by Puolustusvoimat/Kasper Andersin

At the beginning of the April I got to work in a different kind of project. My co-worker asked me already last year if I would like to sing in this concert that celebrated 100 years old Finnish Navy Band. Why not, I thought. I had been singing backing vocals in the summer and I was happy to get another chance to sing. The only thing was that they wanted to have a female singer. Well, yes I am a female but my voice is quite low.

Lately I have been learning about the ideas of head voice, chest voice and mixed voice. At the moment I am not having singing lessons but I watch for example YouTube-videos. I can hear and analyse different ways of using the voice.

I prefer to sing with my chest voice since it feels the strongest and it is closest to my speaking voice. However, for this concert we decided that I should sing with my more ladylike head voice. So I was worried about not making enough sound and I had to rely on the sound reinforcement system. And of course we practiced with a different set up than the concert would be.

photo by Puolustusvoimat/ Kasper Andersin

We also got there animal costumes for one piece. I was a squirrel that had a bet with a rabbit. This reminded me of my time working in the Oulu City Theater. It was actually really fun to get into this character of a squirrel. From working in the theater I learned that if you have to know something by heart you really need to practice and repeat it over and over again. And especially just before the performance. For this concert I learned all the lyrics by heart.

All in all the concert was exciting and I got very positive feedback altough I couldn’t hear myself very well on the stage. Even I think it is not the best way for me to sing I am proud that I took this step and had more experience with singing.

At the end I will add a link to my SoundCloud where I just added 3 solos from a jam session of our improvisation course. It was also a big step out of my comfort zone but it rewarded me a lot.

photo by Puolustusvoimat/ Kasper Andersin

Huhtikuun alussa työskentelin vähän erilaisessa projektissa. Työkaverini kysyi minua mukaan laulamaan Laivaston soittokunnan 100-vuotisjuhlakonserttiin. Lähdin mielenkiinnolla mukaan. Lauloin edellisenä kesänä taustalauluja ja olin muutenkin ajatellut, että olisi kivaa päästä laulamaan lisää. Ohjelmaan tarvittiin naislaulaja, mutta minun äänialani on melko matala.

Olen viimeaikoina hakenut tietoa eri äänityypeistä pää-ääni, rintaääni ja niiden sekoituksesta, jolle suomeksi ei löydy heti muuta käännöstä kuin keskirekisteri. En ole käynyt laulutunneilla, mutta videoiden avulla olen oppinut erottamaan eri tapoja laulaa.

Laulan mieluiten rintaäänelläni, koska se on voimakkain ja lähimpänä puheääntäni. Kuitenkin tähän konserttiin tehtiin päätös, että laulaisin naisellisemmalla pää-äänelläni. Itse olin kuitenkin huolissani, peittäisikö bändin ääni lauluni kokonaan, mutta en voinut kuin luottaa äänentoistoon. Ja tietysti harjoittelimme eri laitteilla ja tilassa kuin konsertti tulisi olemaan.

photo by Puolustusvoimat/ Kasper Andersin

Jänöjussin mäenlaskuun kuului tietenkin jäniksen ja oravan eläinasut. Itse pukeuduin oravaksi ja täytyy myöntää, että oli aika hauskaa ottaa oravan rooli. Puvusta tuli mieleen aika, jolloin työksentelin Oulun kaupunginteatterissa. Siltä ajalta olen myös oppinut, että mitä tahansa opettelen ulkoa, sitä täytyy kerrata jatkuvasti ja varsinkin ennen esitystä. Tällä kertaa opettelin ulkoa kaikki laulujen sanat.

Konsertti oli hyvin jännittävä, mutta meni hyvin ja sain hyvää palautetta ihmisiltä. Uskon, että minulle sopii paremmin laulaa matalalta, mutta sain hyvää kokemusta laulamisesta bändin kanssa ja luotan nyt kyllä enemmän myös pää-ääneeni.

photo by Puolustusvoimat/ Kasper Andersin

Loppuun lisään linkin SoundCloudiin uusiin tallenteisiin. Sooloihini, jotka äänitin improvisaatiokurssin jamisessiossa. Se oli myös suuri askel pois mukavuusalueelta, mutta palkitsi valtavasti.


Practicing during the Holidays

I just had a great winter holiday last week in the Lapland of Finland. The purpose of holiday is to relax and give your mind a break from work and everyday life. But then there is the question whether musicians can have a completely play free holidays?

I think the answer is both yes and no. It depends on the situation. I have heard that some musicians say they never skip a day and perhaps the Christmas Eve is the only day you may let your instrument stay in the case. The argument for this is that you have to keep up the skill. And for sure you can notice the difference even after few days. After a week or even a longer period the first time of playing is suffering.

However, I find that it is perfectly fine to give your body and mind the rest. In sports science theory I have learned about supercompensation. It means that the body is developing during the rest and you can actually achieve better results after having enough rest between the training. Playing instruments are also physical and I am sure supercompensation applies in music field as well.

Have you ever had an ear worm of a piece you are practicing? As I see it, when something gets stuck in your head it means your brain is actually practicing it whether you wanted or not. So if I have something really tricky to practice I am always happy to notice that I am humming it after a practicing session.

In my opinion, it is sometimes good to have even one day break every week form playing. And not feel guilty about it but enjoy other things in your life. Of course, if you really feel like the playing is the best thing ever and you enjoy it so much that you want to use all your free time with it, go ahead. I just have found so many fascinating activities that I have difficulties to choose what to do on my free time.

So here I have basically told you reasons why I think it is completely fine to leave your instrument to cool down for holiday time. And whenever I fly somewhere I try to take as little luggage with me as possible and my instrument is not part of that list. However, for my winter holiday I decided to take my instrument with me and spend some time with it everyday. Why then?

photo by Heli Palomaa

First of all, we were travelling by car. And since we anyway took all the winter and skiing gear I thought that my instrument doesn’t really take that much space in the car. The second reason was that we stayed in a detached house so I wouldn’t bother anyone else but my companion with my playing. I have actually never got any complaint about my playing. I have even played in a hotel little bit. But anyway it is better to know that there is no one to get frustrated.

Then there is the motivation. If I don’t have any motivation why would I play? I have lost my motivation with playing couple of times and it took me a while to get back to it. I just didn’t see the point. Now my motivation is high. I am working as a musician. And we have a concert coming next week. We had a really busy week before the holiday week and I could only concentrate on that program. I also knew that this coming program is very demanding. In addition, my facial muscles were feeling really tired and even hurting a little bit. I almost got a time for a VoiceWell treatment. It is a massage therapy directly for the muscles of face and mouth and neck and it is really suitable for wind musicians and singers. So what would happen if I didn’t play at all during my holiday?

I would come back to work and probably my face would be all relaxed but at work I should start to play immediately just like before the holidays. You know how it feels if you haven’t done gym training for a while and then make a really hard training. Your muscles get all tired and hurting the next day. There should be time to play little bit and then give a break and add the amount of playing slowly. At work it is not usually possible. I also wouldn’t know the program so I would try to learn everything at once and that causes me a lot of stress every time. I feel I need to get to know the pieces slowly and find out what are the sections I need to practice more. And if I try to stuff it all in my mind I won’t remember it very well. It is just too much. My brain needs the rest and “earworming” for learning. Also if I get stressed out because there is too little time to practice, it will slow down my learning even more.

So I made a plan for my holiday playing. I would use about one hour every day and concentrate on one piece at the time. Well, my plan didn’t quite fulfill, but it was supposed to be not a very strict plan as well as our other holiday plans. We spent two days travelling to our destination and back and those days I didn’t play. Third day I might have played even two hours and used more time to one piece than I thought I would. And played the same piece next day. Then there was one day we spent some time with me relatives and it took more time we planned and I decided it was too late to start practicing. But anyway I played and learned and felt like I could keep some touch with playing so it was easier to get back to work. Yet I had enough time for skiing and enjoying the magic of Lapland too.

Hopefully I will get that time for the VoiceWell treatment soon!
I wish you all stress free days!

Musician’s Short Guide to Traveling in the Bus

This weekend I’m on the road. We have quite many trips per year with the Finnish Navy Band and almost always we travel by our bus. It is in a way pretty smart. I just have to know when is our departure time, but still if anything should happen I can call to let people know if I’m for example coming late. And we are able to travel wherever there is a road. Someone is doing a lot of work to plan it everything ready for us and we just have to follow the plan. During the past few years I have found my own way to do traveling smoothly and here are my tips for all musicians.

I always prefer to take as little luggage with me as possible. That is easier in leisure trips than in working trips. But my goal is always one bag only. The best is to think about how can you carry everything at once. Backpacks and over shoulder bags leave your hands free for opening the doors.

You also must consider which things to bring with you on the coach and which items can travel in the luggage compartment and divide them in separate bags. Even if you didn’t need some hygiene products during the drive it might be wiser to take them with you since during the winter it might be too cold for some cosmetics and too hot during the summer. We usually stay in the hotels so there is no need for a towel. This time we stayed only one night so I could fit all my personal items in one large backpack.

Instrument and accessories
For the working trips I need to bring my instrument with me. At the moment I usually need only my B flat clarinet. I have few different kind of cases but I prefer two of them. One is with a shoulder strap and other one is a small hard case. The small case is possible to fit inside a bigger bag with other things. Because wooden instruments are sensitive with temperature changes I always keep the clarinet in the passenger department and take it with me in the room for the nights. It depends a lot about the work how many accessories I need but usually they won’t take too much space with my personal stuff. Sometimes we need to bring also the note stand and my bigger reed case doesn’t fit inside the clarinet case. Of course you have to take care of your sheet music material too.

Uniform/Performing clothes
I’m not the huge fan of suit bags but sometimes it’s handy. Usually if I take it with me I will pack my other clothes or stuff in the bag as well. But most of the times I just pack my uniform with other clothes in my personal bag. The material of the uniform is in this way really good because it doesn’t get wrinkled very easily. My experience is that you can pack also most of the dresses in a loose roll for the traveling and then let it hang for a while. This time I took one cloth hanger and keep my uniform jacket hanging in the bus. It also provides a good shade from the bright winter sun so I can still see what I am writing on my laptop.

Food and water
I always have a water bottle with me or buy one on the road. It’s good to take a look of the travel plan if it’s possible and plan when there is a break for eating. Few years ago I started to follow the rule of eating every 3 to 4 hours and my life got a lot better. It meant that I also quit snacking between meals or if I know there is over 4 hours between the meals, I will eat a small healthy snack like yogurt or a fruit to keep the hunger away just little bit longer. Okay sometimes it is difficult to eat all healthy during the trips and I admit, sometimes I also have sweets or chocolate but it is fine when it doesn’t happen every week. I plan my meals for the day when I now the timetables. If we leave, let say, after midday I will usually eat a proper lunch before the trip begins. If we have really early start it might be smarter to eat breakfast in the bus. Cooler bags are great to store the food for hours and the overhead compartment in our bus stays quite cool all times. We also have a microwave oven so it is possible to get a warm meal as well.

We don’t have a toilet in our bus and that is one reason I sometimes bring the breakfast with me. I love to drink tea and we don’t stop every hour so I have to be ready to hold for at least two hours. Yeah, this is not always very convenient. But it is part of the traveling and planning.

Try to make the traveling as fun for you as possible. Watch movies, listen to music, play games or read books. I also brought my laptop with me so I can write this blog and emails. For me the time goes a lot faster if I have something to focus on. Of course if you suffer from travel sickness you need to keep your eyes on the road but you can probably listen to music or even audio books. I try to think that this time I spent on the road is also time to relax and do nothing or do the things you have in your to-do list but you feel like you can’t just waste hours for them at home. For example I still didn’t update the list of all concerts in my Performances-page since August… I might do it later today.

At some point of the trip you might feel very tired and of course you can just sleep and rest. To make it more comfortable you can create a nest for you. Use your jacket as a blanket and any sorts of pillows are good. I also have ear plugs or I will listen to music with my Bluetooth headphones. Occasionally also eye masks are useful. If you are lucky enough you will have two seats just for you to make it easier to change your sitting position. Sometimes we have to sit together with someone but it can be fun too if you a very social.

I hope you will find some of these tips useful or get some ideas to improve your traveling.

Bon voyage!

Wrapping up the year 2018

This year is soon coming to it’s end and I think now is the perfect time to go through what I have been doing. Of course I have been blogging all year but there are also moments I didn’t write down yet.

The beginning year was difficult professionally. Due to the education that is part of my job, I didn’t have much time to play the clarinet. I think it shows also in my texts. I have had more thoughts about being a musician than stories of what I have been doing.

In May I got back to work and playing. Summer was quite busy with work but also during the holidays I was preparing for the concert I was organizing in August. I have made a decision to try to make at least one musical project outside of my work every year and this concert was that for this year. I already have some ideas for the coming year, but we’ll see what the new year will give.

After the concert in August with the Estonian music we had two big concerts in the Navy Band in September. In the first concert I was playing the first clarinet part and I was enjoying it a lot. Who wouldn’t be thrilled to play little solos?

In October I continued my education but this time the focus was on the instrument so I really got to play and plan what I want to do. I was lucky to get also few personal lessons with my instrument. For a long time I haven’t been this motivated with the playing. I prepared for a small concert with other participants of the course. But I also decided to take a part in the audition. I wrote about my preparation for the audition in November post.

Our course included also improvising lessons. I was a bit nervous in advance but the teacher had confronted so many nervous classical music students that he knew how to break the ice. I learned that for sure I can improvise because it is not what I was assuming it to be. It is not composing or creating something that no one has ever done before. It is putting together small pieces and variations. Often it is based on playing licks that players have practiced well before. So why are we nervous? Because we think we don’t come up with anything or the second reason is to play something “incorrect”. What we consider incorrect notes are mostly creating dissonance with the harmony. So we were actually having fun with that. If you keep playing the dissonance longer, it loses it’s power as an error and becomes just a contrast. It can also be a musical joke. We got good tools for improvising in two days and I was amazed of the solos I could make in our final jam session. I was also enjoying the playing a lot. I definitely felt like I want to do this more.

This period reminded me of my time as a student. It is great to have a possibility to plan everything you want to do. After that coming back to work and straight to a concert project in Sweden was a stressful experience. I have learned that when you have time to plan everything and practice enough it is less stressful to do my job. However, it seems to be for most of the time just chaos and busy timetables with not enough time to get to know your own parts. It feels bad to know that you are not able to learn the pieces with the given time and show that you have the skills. But I hope people understand that it is not my fault. Of course I try to play always as well as I can. The project with the Swedish Navy Band was anyway a nice experience with lots of new people.

December is always a busy month with many events. I’m not the biggest fan of Christmas but Christmas concerts are also part of the job. And of course I was sad to miss the famous concert of the year on 24th of December being ill at home. Anyway, there was one project in December that was maybe the best thing in the all year. Even for this concert I had very little time to prepare but luckily the program wasn’t too difficult. We played for Finland’s Independence Day Concert on 6th of December. The Navy Band played with the wind instrument players and percussionists of Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. And also one double bass player! It was so pleasant to play with this combination and also I got my first and perhaps the last experience of the legendary Leif Segerstam. He was conducting us and I just felt something different that I don’t remember for so long time. It felt great to play. Music was alive. So maybe that is why I keep doing this. To find those rare lovely moments with music.

screenshot form the live stream of the concert

I have no clue or expectations for the coming year 2019 but I wish lots of great moments with everyone!

Viikonloppu klarinetistien kesken

logo Olin odottanut lokakuun ensimmäistä viikonloppua hyvillä mielin. Tällä kertaa Turussa vietettiin Suomen Klarinettiseuran vuosikokousviikonloppua. Tapahtuma oli hyvin onnistunut ja järjestetty, huolimatta siitä, että sunnuntain konserttiin ei löytynyt paljoa yleisöä nauttimaan maailman parhaasta soittimesta.


Viikonloppu alkoi lauantaina heti aamupäivällä Olli Leppäniemen mestarikurssilla. olli3Kaikki soittajat olivat valmistautuneet hyvin ja päästiin kuulemaan parhaita klarinettiteoksia. Ollilta tuli todella hyviä vinkkejä, joita kaikki pystyvät kokeilemaan myös itsekseen. Tunnelma säilyi hyvän tuulisena ja rentona koko aamupäivän.






Pääsin myös itse lavalle hieman erikoisemman projektini kanssa. Haaveissani on päästä joskus soittamaan Brahmsin klarinettikvintetto ja tällä hetkellä aloitin itse teokseen tutustumisen. Löysin teoksesta sovituksen klarinetille ja pianolle. Myös pianistille ainutlaatuinen tilaisuus päästä soittamaan tätä teosta, mutta tästä on varmasti paljon hyötyä tulevaisuutta ajatellen.


Lounaan jälkeen alkoivat klarinettiyhtyeen harjoitukset ensin stemmaharjoitusten muodossa. Päätin pitkästä aikaa tarttua bassoklarinetin varteen ja pääsin myös tutustumaan Suomessa hyvin harvinaisiin klarinetteihin: es-vireinen kontra-alttoklarinetti ja b-vireinen kontrabassoklarinetti. Mukana oli myös kolme basettitorvea, jotka nimestään huolimatta kuuluvat klarinettiperheeseen.


Klarinettiyhtyeeseen osallistui kiitettävä määrä soittajia ja lisävahvistusta saatiin kahdesta harpusta ja Klarinettiseuran uusi puheenjohtaja pääsi tutustumaan isorumpuun.

isorumpuVaikka soittimet ovatkin hyvin erilaisia lähtien pikkuisesta es-klarinetista matalimpiin erikoisklarinetteihin, kaikkia soittajia yhdistää silti se perinteisin klarinetti. Siitä yleensä lähdetään liikkeelle kun aloitetaan soittoharrastus. Toisille harrastus etenee ammatiksi asti, mutta riippumatta siitä, mitä tekee ansaitskseen elantonsa, pystyi orkesterissa aistimaan yhteisen ylpeyden.

Olen itse ollut seuran jäsen jo muutaman vuoden, mutta tämä oli ensimmäinen tapahtuma, johon pääsin osallistumaan jäsenenä. Asiaa tietenkin helpotti, että tapahtuma järjestettiin käytännössä samoissa tiloissa kuin työpaikkani sijaitsee. On hienoa, että tällainen seura on olemassa ja toivottavasti sen tulevaisuus on valoisa. Minulta kesti kauan päättää liittymisestä jäseneksi, mutta jäsenissä on seuran tulevaisuus, joten erityisesti nuoria klarinetisteja tulee kannustaa liittymään jäseniksi. Opiskeluvuosina mietin liittymistä, mutta opiskelijan talouteen kuului kaikesta mahdollisesta karsiminen…tauko

Harjoitusten lomassa nautittiin tauoilla kahvista ja paljastui, että yhtyeessämme on myös kauramaitopurkin suunnittelija.


Harjoituksia seurasi yhteinen illanvietto ravintola Tårgetissa. Ruoka oli maittavaa ja tutustuminen jatkui hyvässä seurassa.


Sunnuntaina  päivä käynnistyi vuosikokouksella ja paikalle saatiin sopiva määrä IMG_20181007_100437kiinnostunutta porukkaa. Kokouksessa käytiin läpi seuran toimintaa menneeltä kaudelta ja myös hieman tulevaisuuden suunnitelmia. Seuralle valittiin uusi hallitus ja itsekin päätin osallistua suunnittelemaan parin vuoden päästä koittavaa 40-vuotisjuhlavuotta.

Vielä kenraaliharjoitus ennen konserttia ja konsertin avasimme Laivaston soittokunnan klarinettitriolla. Oli mukavaa päästä soittamaan myös pienemmällä kokoonpanolla työkavereiden kesken, koska se jos mikä kehittää yhteissoittoa.



Toivottavasti minulla on mahdollisuus osallistua myös tuleviin tapahtumiin muusta elämästä huolimatta. Tämä on yksi parhaimpia tapoja niin verkostoitua kuin ystävystyä ihmisten kanssa, joiden kanssa jakaa yhteisen ymmärryksen klarinetin maailmasta.

Teksti ja kuvat: Heli Palomaa


Lisää virolaisia säveliä / More Estonian Sounds


photo by Heli Palomaa

Tulossa 19.8. uusi versio Eesti helid – Viron säveliä – konsertista!

A concert with Estonian Sounds is coming on 19th of August in Turku!

Pitkien valmistelujen ja suunnittelujen jälkeen pääsimme vihdoin harjoittelemaan yhdessä Hennan kanssa ja olen hyvin innoissani siitä mitä on tulossa.

Viime marraskuussa pääsin esiintymään trion kanssa Viro-keskuksen tilaisuuteen ja siitä päätettiin jatkaa Viro-keskuksen kanssa järjestämällä konsertti. Tarkoituksena oli tuoda Turkuun aiemmin Kokkolassa ja Oulussa järjestämämme konsertit ja lisätä trio mukaan ohjelmaan.

Trio kuitenkin peruuntui, kun kontrabasisti Antoine sai töitä Oulu Sinfoniasta ja työt alkavat juuri elokuussa. Suuret onnittelut hänelle!

Trion poisjääminen aiheutti muutoksia suunnitellussa ohjelmassa, joka johti siihen, että Mirva joutui vetäytymään projektista. Vaikutti jo siltä, että konsertti joudutaan perumaan kokonaan tai on löydettävä uusi pianisti.

Pianistiksi onneksi löytyi Turkuun palannut Henna Linko, jonka kanssa tutustuimme Oulussa ollessamme teatterilla töissä. Olin varma, että näin lyhyellä ajalla minun täytyy löytää pianisti, jonka tunnen ennestään. On aina mielenkiintoista päästä soittamaan uusien ihmisten kanssa, mutta kestää hetken, ennen kuin yhteinen tapa tehdä musiikkia löytyy. Hennan kanssa soittaminen tuntuu luontevalta ja itselleni ennestään tutut teokset saavat uuden muodon eri soittajan kanssa. Lisäksi otimme ohjelmistoon pari uutta teosta, joista toinen on Tauno Pylkkäsen Pastoraali eli klarinetistien keskuudessa hyvin tunnettu hittibiisi.

Tervetuloa konserttiin!

Linkki konsertin facebook-tapahtumaan. / Link to concert’s Facebook event 

Finally we had our first practicing session for the concert with Henna. I’m very excited of what is coming!

I had a chance to play with a trio in November in an event of Estonian Centre. We decided to organize a concert together and bring the concert here in Turku that we performed earlier in Oulu and Kokkola.

The first idea was to add the trio in the program but later we had to cancel this because of the new job of the contrabass player Antoine. Congratulations!

As we had to cancel the trio it affected the planned program and Mirva, the pianist, had to cancel for good reasons. This point I was thinking that we have to cancel the whole concert. Or find another pianist.

Luckily Henna Linko was interested to come along. I wanted to have someone I knew before because it is always nice to play with new musicians but it also takes some time to find the way to play together. We met while working in the theater in Oulu with Henna. I have played these pieces now few times, however, they will become a new version with different players. That is what makes it so interesting for me as well. We also made some changes to the program and perform also one Finnish piece for clarinet.

Welcome to the concert!

72 keikkaa / 72 gigs

Vihdoin sain päivitettyä menneet keikat. Samalla päätin laskea kuluvan vuoden keikat ja konsertit ja tällä hetkellä on tehty 71. Vielä on yksi jäljellä sunnuntaina jouluaattona. Sitä on mahdollista seurata myös TV:stä.

Tuntuu hyvältä saada vuosi päätökseen, mutta samalla odottaa taas erilaiset ajat. Aloitan työntekijöiden kurssin tammikuussa, joten muusikko palaa armeijaan. Se tarkoittaa myös, että ensi vuoden alun osalta kaikki Laivaston soittokunnan esiintymiset jäävät minulta tekemättä.

Toivottavasti kuitenkin ehdin soittaa itsekseni edes jonkin verran. Mielessä on taas uusia projekteja, joita toivottavasti ensi vuoden aikana pääsisi toteuttamaan.

Lopuksi kuva Joulurauhan julistuksesta 50-60-luvuilta. Bongasin kuvan Turun keskustan American Dinerin seinältä. Hieman eriltä näyttää nykyään. (Koko kuva lopussa.)



Zoom of a photo by Hans Othman/Turun museokeskus


Finally I updated my past performances. This year I have done 71 gigs and one more is going to be on Sunday 24th of December. It is possible to see that gig via Finnish TV and in the Internet (Yle Areena).

It’s pretty good feeling that soon we will wrap up this year. However, it also means a new period in my life. I will begin a course that means “going back to the army”. Because of that I won’t be playing in the Finnish Navy Band performances in the beginning of the year.

I hope I have some time to use for playing anyway. I have some ideas that would be great to organize next year.

At the end a picture from Declaration of Christmas Peace in Finland from 50’s or 60’s. I saw the picture on the wall of “American Diner” restaurant in the Turku city center.



Photo taken from a photo by Hans Othman /Turun museokeskus