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So, Are You Going to any Festivals this Summer? Menetkö festareille tänä kesänä?

Edited: Suomenkielinen versio alla (yleisön pyynnöstä).

Turku, the city where I live, is welcoming this weekend thousands of people to Ruisrock, one of the biggest music festivals in Finland. However, I am just heading away from Turku to Vaasa to celebrate the Anniversary of the Finnish Navy.

The summer is time for many festivals and events all around Finland. Tickets are sold out to the most popular ones already before summer. I just began a three-week working period with the Finnish Navy Band and we are also having many concerts in many cities. I will even get to play music from my early teenage years: Spice Girls!

I get this question a lot from my friends: Are you planning to go to any festivals? And for many summers I have told them: No, I’m not. I have other plans.

When I was younger I somewhat envied my friends, who were going to festivals. During my study years, summers meant working in summer jobs or attending music courses and master classes. It’s kind of the whole different culture and again part of my identity between a classical musician and a rock girl. At the end, it was always more important to practice for my future profession.

Hard work pays off. Now I am proudly working as an artist. Most of the times I have a concert to play just when there would be some interesting artist performing. Because I couldn’t foretell my schedule for this working period I didn’t even pay that much attention of the program of the festivals. Of course, I believe that I will have a chance to go to some festivals if I really want. If not this summer then next time. Anyway, I’ve always liked a bit smaller festivals with free entry or inexpensive tickets.

One big event in Turku this summer is Tall Ship Races. It’s luring a lot of audience and I’m excited to perform in the opening concert for the event. At least then I can say: Yes, I was there. If anyone asks 😉


photo by Juho Tuominen

Upcoming performances / Tulevat esiintymiset

8.7. Vaasa

10.7. Helsinki

13.7. Turku

14.7. Helsinki

20.-21.7. Turku

23.8. Vaasa

25.8. Tammisaari

26.8. Turku


Nykyinen kotikaupunkini Turku toivottaa tervetulleeksi tuhansia ihmisiä tänä viikonloppuna Ruisrockiin, yhteen Suomen suurimmista festareista. Minä kuitenkin suuntaan pois Turusta kohti Vaasaa juhlimaan Merivoimien vuosipäivää.

Kesällä järjestetään paljon festivaaleja ja muita tapahtumia ympäri Suomea. Usein liput suosituimpiin tapahtumiin myydään loppuun jo ennen kesää. Meillä Laivaston soittokunnassa alkoi juuri kolmen viikon työperiodi, jonka aikana esiinnymme monissa eri kaupungeissa. Pääsen myös soittamaan musiikkia varhaisilta teinivuosiltani: Spice Girlsiä!

Ystävät kysyvät joka kesä, olenko menossa johonkin festareille. Useana kesänä olen vastannut kieltävästi. Minulla on ollut jo muita suunnitelmia.

Nuorempana kadehdin hieman kavereitani, jotka pääsivät käymään festareilla. Omat kesät kuluivat kesätöissä siivoten ja rahat musiikkileireillä tai mestarikursseilla. Ne ovat tärkeä osa musiikinopiskelijoiden kesäaikaa ja opiskelijaelämää. Vaikka välillä rokkiminäni olisi kaivannut festareille, niin klasariminäni valitsi harjoittelun tulevaan ammattiini.

Nyt voinkin todeta, että se kannatti, ja olen päässyt työskentelemään muusikkona. Samalla huomaan, että olen itse usein keikalla juuri samaan aikaan kuin tarjolla olisi kiinnostavia artisteja ja tapahtumia. Koska kesän työaikatauluja oli vaikea ennustaa etukäteen, en edes kiinnittänyt aktiivisesti huomiota tulevan kesän artistitarjontaan. Uskon kuitenkin, että pääsen festareille, jos haluan. Jos en tänä vuonna niin ehkä ensi kerralla. Muutenkin olen aina pitänyt enemmän pienemmistä festareista tai ilmaistapahtumista.

Yksi tämän vuoden suurimmista kesätapahtumista Turussa on Tall Ship Races. Se houkuttelee paljon yleisöä kaupunkiin ja olen innoissani päästessäni soittamaan avajaiskonserttiin. Ainakin se tulee varmasti koettua Turun tapahtumista tänä kesänä, jos ei muuta 😉

DIY Own Musical Parts

I’ve seen quite many do-it-yourself posts recently so I came up with an idea to do one myself.

It’s about the musical parts, the note material that you play in the orchestra. Sometimes happens that you have to do some creative changes with your part. The most common thing is that there is a difficult page turning so you just add an extra copy of the next page.

Sometimes the conductor asks you to play something that is written for some other instrument because there is no player for that instrument. For example, in this concert period I am playing the bass clarinet. So I was asked to play second bassoon part in one short section.

So this is very easy and everyone can do this. There is not only one right way to do it but you can use all your own creativity. Next I will go step by step how I created this addition to my bass clarinet part.

All you need is paper, scissors, clear tape and maybe some black fine point permanent marker. Access to copying machine is also good.

So this time I got the bassoon part. I don’t’ feel very comfortable to read bass clef and transpose music while playing and I wanted to transpose it and write the notes out in Bb. First I took a copy of the part I was going to add to name the notes to make it a little bit easier. Then I had to take a copy of my parts next page since this addition made my page turning impossible.

I also had blank musical staff paper. You can get it ready or do it also yourself but then you need a ruler. So I would write the transposed notes by hands on the blank paper and cut the paper to right size. Some might prefer to write it with notation softwares like MuseScore. It even might transpose automatically. Then you just need a printer to print out your DIY part. But I felt this was so short section so I could write it by hand.

The next step was to cut the extra page of my part until the brake where I could turn the page. And then I added this to the handwritten section with the clear tape. And finally I had to add some extra paper under these two pieces to make it more even shape to be able to tape it together with the my original bass clarinet part.

Actually you don’t want to tape it to the original part. And I happened to  have already a copy of the original since the layout of my part was wrong. The page numbers were in the inner corner of the page so also the page turnings were not during the pauses but always in the most difficult places. So I had to make a new booklet with the opposite layout.

I’m quite happy with the result and was already able to play it in the rehearsal.

photo by Heli Palomaa

The concert where I will use my DIY part will be on 11.4. So welcome to listen to the Finnish Navy Band in Turku. Really interesting program for wind orchestra.

Also next Saturday I will play the bass clarinet in a Viola concert. It’s a contemporary piece for Viola and small ensemble. There is a free entry in Sigyn hall.

20 years

It was autumn 1996 when I first attended clarinet lessons in Kokkola. I had began 3rd grade in a music class as we call it in Finland. Everyone had to choose one instrument. I had played the piano a bit already and wanted to continue with it. In a concert we had to choose one instrument from every category of instruments. I think I chose the violin from strings and the tuba from brass. I remember entering a room where a man wanted to check my fingers and teeth. After that I got the news: I was going to start playing the clarinet. I was a bit sad while I didn’t get the piano. Anyway I kept on going to lessons even though I was not totally enthusiastic. I even wanted to quit for few times but my mom pushed me to continue.

Other classmates gave up playing the instruments and by the time we began the upper secondary school we were only few who still were playing. I got a new teacher. And I had to begin to plan what I would want to study after school. I thought I would give up playing and find some “normal” profession. I enjoyed mathematics and got quite good grades in all subjects. But then the new clarinet teacher made me enjoy the playing as well and I realized that I had used 10 years for that already. What would I do without the music?

I decided to apply for professional studies of music. I also applied to study chemistry just in case. For the first time in my life I began to practice clarinet playing really seriously. I was quite sure that if I didn’t get in anywhere I would sell my instruments and forget about it. I wanted to study in Tampere and I got in. I decided to see how far I am able to get. After graduating from Tampere as a Bachelor of Culture and Arts, Tallinn as a Master of Arts and from Oulu as a pedagogue and now working as a musician I can finally say that I am a musician.

It took my quite a long time to begin to think myself as a musician. I’ve had a dream to play in a rock music band since I was a teenager. At some point I thought I’m too rock to be classical but too classical to be rock. Now I just want to be open to all kind of music. Maybe I will still find some band to play in the bass or sing.

by Outi Palomaa

by Outi Palomaa

Even after these 20 years have passed it is exciting to attend lessons. I guess it has to be that we can always become better players and musicians. I had a great opportunity to play with a clarinetist Tapio Liukkonen from Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in October. We prepared Poulenc’s Sonata for clarinet and piano that I am performing this week 3 times with a lovely pianist Pasi Helin.

Hopefully there will be another 20 years of playing!

Back in Business

I’ve been away from playing for a short while. I wanted to write about it but I didn’t know what to tell. It hasn’t been my longest break and I didn’t completely quit practicing.

So I was doing some more military training to be qualified for my job. The first period was basic military education for the navy. I learned to do some sea soldier stuff which is in a way cool but on the other hand I wasn’t very good since I have no earlier experience. Also I survived one week in the forests again. If I look it as a musician it was easy for me to study books and do exams but I’ve spent most of the time with my instruments when these young guys have been training their muscles.

This week I began the second period of the education that will happen in the band. And I am excited! On Friday we will have a nice concert with music from the West Side Story among others. I also practiced Poulenc’s clarinet sonata today together with the pianist for the first time. That one I will perform in November in chamber music concerts. If nothing else, the first period of the training reminded me how much I love the playing and music. And I can make a living from it.

There is also one other interesting project emerging. We wanted to create a clarinet quartet here in Turku but now it seems it is going to be a trio. Anyway, we had to think what is it and how it should be. And I realized what was my motivation. In a bigger orchestra there is always the short amount of time to concentrate on one program and everyone is doing their best to handle it. We have had quite complicated programs this year and after some concerts I wished that I would have had more time to practice and get deeper into the music. Also playing alone is just not that much fun as with other people. In a small group it is easier to work things out. So I understood that for me this trio is a possibility to focus on making music that we want and refine the details without any stress to make it ready just yet. Of course we agreed that we would like to perform but I think it will come when we feel like we have created something together. Developing as a musician needs also a bit time and freedom.

edited from a photo by Juho Tuominen

edited from a photo by Juho Tuominen

At the end as a reminder: Check the future coming concerts of the Finnish Navy Band (and also the chamber music evenings) from here!

Work, work, work

It’s already April and time for a spring update.

I just went through all site and made some updates. The biggest change is that I began working in the Finnish Navy Band. We already had one big concert with Robert Ambrose as a conductor and now we are practising for Oslo Military Tattoo 2016 in May. The figure marching is really interesting and challenging!

There will be many performances for this spring and all the information of the public concerts is possible to find in the Navy Band’s concert calender.

This week I also got some extra work in Sigyn sinfonietta, the symphony orchestra of Turku university of applied sciences. In the program there is Mozart’s clarinet concerto and actually that was the reason I was first thinking just to go and listen to the concert. Instead I will be playing there myself in Dvorak’s 8th symphony and El Amor Brujo by Manuel de Falla. Welcome to the concert on Sunday the 17th of April in Sigyn hall at 18.00.


Standing out

I am used to spot other musicians in cities by their instrument cases. First I see the case and then I try to see if I know the person as well. I don’t know how often people pay attention to musicians normally. Otherwise I am not used to show that I am a musician. But now it’s literally written on my forehead. On the uniform cap it says “Navy Band” and on my sleeves are signs of a treble clef. So it’s made super clear for anyone that I have something to do with music and the army.

photo by Heli Palomaa

photo by Heli Palomaa

For some reason it feels weird. As I wrote before it was a good feeling to finally be noticed as a musician after being just one of the recruits. But now it is somehow like having a note symbols or a clef as a tattoo or a jewellery. In a way corny. For me it shouldn’t be so obvious to be interesting. For example my ring looks completely ordinary until I tell that it is a replica of Buffet Crampon clarinets’ metal ring. Or I wear a screw from my old note stand as a pendant and quite many people come to ask what is it. Or I tried how the harmonic series would fit on my wrist as a tattoo.

The other thing I have been thinking for these days we had concerts with the Finnish Navy Band is my usual preparation for the concerts. I don’t mean the playing but anything that comes after that, the ritual of changing clothes and putting hair and make up. Now I am wearing the same outfit all day long and also for the concerts. My hair has to be tight in the back so there is not many options of how to wear it. Also I thought I wouldn’t miss wearing make up and for the summer I didn’t. But now it would be nice to do the normal make up to look more lively. No one actually told me what is the rule in the band about the make up but I believe it can’t be very strong anyway.

photo by Juho-Pekka Palomaa

photo by Juho-Pekka Palomaa

The winter is coming and I have to admit I really like the winter jacket although now during the sunny day it might feel a bit exaggeration. For the future performances it is wise to check out the concert calender of the Finnish Navy Band. I believe I will play in the most of the concerts.