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DIY Own Musical Parts

I’ve seen quite many do-it-yourself posts recently so I came up with an idea to do one myself.

It’s about the musical parts, the note material that you play in the orchestra. Sometimes happens that you have to do some creative changes with your part. The most common thing is that there is a difficult page turning so you just add an extra copy of the next page.

Sometimes the conductor asks you to play something that is written for some other instrument because there is no player for that instrument. For example, in this concert period I am playing the bass clarinet. So I was asked to play second bassoon part in one short section.

So this is very easy and everyone can do this. There is not only one right way to do it but you can use all your own creativity. Next I will go step by step how I created this addition to my bass clarinet part.

All you need is paper, scissors, clear tape and maybe some black fine point permanent marker. Access to copying machine is also good.

So this time I got the bassoon part. I don’t’ feel very comfortable to read bass clef and transpose music while playing and I wanted to transpose it and write the notes out in Bb. First I took a copy of the part I was going to add to name the notes to make it a little bit easier. Then I had to take a copy of my parts next page since this addition made my page turning impossible.

I also had blank musical staff paper. You can get it ready or do it also yourself but then you need a ruler. So I would write the transposed notes by hands on the blank paper and cut the paper to right size. Some might prefer to write it with notation softwares like MuseScore. It even might transpose automatically. Then you just need a printer to print out your DIY part. But I felt this was so short section so I could write it by hand.

The next step was to cut the extra page of my part until the brake where I could turn the page. And then I added this to the handwritten section with the clear tape. And finally I had to add some extra paper under these two pieces to make it more even shape to be able to tape it together with the my original bass clarinet part.

Actually you don’t want to tape it to the original part. And I happened to  have already a copy of the original since the layout of my part was wrong. The page numbers were in the inner corner of the page so also the page turnings were not during the pauses but always in the most difficult places. So I had to make a new booklet with the opposite layout.

I’m quite happy with the result and was already able to play it in the rehearsal.

photo by Heli Palomaa

The concert where I will use my DIY part will be on 11.4. So welcome to listen to the Finnish Navy Band in Turku. Really interesting program for wind orchestra.

Also next Saturday I will play the bass clarinet in a Viola concert. It’s a contemporary piece for Viola and small ensemble. There is a free entry in Sigyn hall.