Bremen, the city of musicians? Bremen- Die Stadt von Musikanten?

So here we are in the city of Bremen. They invited us to play in Musikschau der Nationen, Music Show of the Nations. I was talking with our lovely guide, Doerte, and she told me what this show means for her. This year is the last time they organise this event and they have held it already for 53 years every year. It is a very famous show all around the area around Bremen. People are sad that it is ending. Some people wanted to be sure to get the tickets for the last time and bought them already one year ago. But for sure in the future there will be some other kind of musical events instead of Musikschau.

As I saw the logo in the pin I suddenly remembered a story from my childhood. It was the story about the city musicians of Bremen. I wanted to refresh my memory and searched the episode of Tao Tao in Youtube. The story tells about four animals that leave their homes for better life and decide to travel to Bremen to become town musicians. Making music brings together and builds new friendships. As Doerte said, is the best thing about the Musikschau to meet people all around the world. Funny detail was that actually the animals didn’t even get to Bremen because they found a cabin in the forest where they liked to stay.

So, I don’t know if Bremen is the city for musicians, but at least for this weekend the city is full of musicians from all around the world.

photo by Heli Palomaa

photo by Heli Palomaa

Also hier sind wir, in Bremen. Wir waren hier eingeladen, in der Musikschau der Nationen zu spielen. I habe mit unserer lieber betreuerin, Doerte, gesprochen, und sie hat erzählt, was die Musikschau für sie bedeutet. Dieses Jahr wird die Musikschau zum letzten Mal organisiert und es macht alle ein bisschen traurig. Für 53 Jahr ist die Musikschau jedes Jahr organisiert. Es ist schon sehr berühmte Veranstaltung in der Nähe von Bremen. Und jemand hat schon letztes Jahr die Eintrittskarten aufgekauft. In Zukunft gibt es sicherlich andere musikalische Veranstaltungen in Bremen.

Also bin ich nicht sicher, ob Bremen die Stadt von Musikanten ist, aber am wenigsten ist die Stadt für diese Wochenende voll von Musikanten.


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