Summer at Work

In spring when summer is just around the corner people begin to ask “Do you have any summer plans?”

Summer is time for joy and sunny days and, for some people, summer holidays. But when I was studying it was also the break from studies and the opportunity to earn some money for the next semester or for expensive master classes and summer courses. I spent many summers cleaning all over Tampere and I just remember that after a working day I would normally be exhausted. I wanted to keep on practicing the clarinet but I would end up having long breaks of playing.

I have also spent some lucky summers traveling and playing all over Finland and even abroad. After finishing my master studies I decided it’s the end of cleaning jobs for me.

I just began my new job at the end of March and it means I didn’t earn any holidays to use during the first summer. But actually I don’t mind working and doing what is so


photo by Heli Palomaa

important for me as a musician: playing. Last summer I spent doing my military service so this summer I have time to get to know my new home city as well. Also while most of the band is having their holidays I’ve got to known the other new player in the band and we have had a great time practicing for Hamina Tattoo and organizing the notes for that and doing other smaller tasks. I’m surprised how fast these weeks have passed by.

Next week all the players will be back and we will have an interesting gig on one island. After that will be already Hamina tattoo week. I’m sure I will share some highlights from there!


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