The Long Way to Norway

This week will be special in the way that I will be blogging everyday about the Finnish Navy Band’s trip to Norwegian Military Tattoo. The blog will be published as well in the organisation web page and in a new application for this event.


Our bus departed early this morning from Turku to Helsinki Vantaa Airport. However, this trip to Oslo began on my part already at the end of March when I joined the Finnish Navy Band. I’m the newest member of the band and got right away a chance to learn and experience what Tattoo shows are about.

In the first rehearsals I wasn’t sure if I would be able to learn it. My place is in the first row and I felt that everyone else had so much more experience of the figure marching. The first thing is to learn the music by heart. I have created some techniques for myself to make it more efficient. The basic rule is not just to trust your fingers but to really know what is the name of the next note. And the new part was to combine body movements with the playing. I was amazed to realise that my fingers would do wrong movements just when I added a turning with my legs. So I had to carefully repeat the body and finger movements.

After two months of practicing alone and together with the band in big halls I finally can say that I learned it. Now it is just about concentrating. If I lose my focus I might automatically repeat the right movements or then I will forget for example to stop on the right spot.

Now we are finally here and got today the first impression of the Oslo Spektrum Arena in the rehearsals. The feeling is very different with the floor and acoustics. We also heard few other bands practicing and I am really excited about the coming performances.


Photo by Marjo Riihimäki

As you can see from the picture taken on backstage!


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