HeliPauliina on SoundCloud

Finally I made it happen. My Dream about the Sound came true. It took quite a long time to put everything together, but here it comes:

I’m quite happy about it. There is not that many pieces at the moment. I would like to add so many more, but the first thing is that all the works I am using are from so called public domain composers which means that they have died over 70 years ago and then I don’t violate any copyrights.

SoundCloud tries to protect the copyrights of their users and I find good. They removed three clips of my Mozart Clarinet Quintet since the system automatically found that those were similar to few others. I had to explain that it is the same piece but everyone has the right to record it and I just published my own version of it. And they reinstated my clips quite fast.

The second thing is that I want to get a permission from all of the players that are on my recordings and not all of those musicians answered me yet. So hopefully I will add few more pieces later. Thank you for all those who already gave me answers!

The idea is not to give full recordings of everything but mainly short clips that will give you the impression of how I sound. Or actually how I have sounded since all of these are recordings are made over one year ago. It’s like my demo. I used Audacity to create these clips. I really like this software. It has many features but I ended up using only trimming and fade in/fade out and to add some volume. All of the recordings are made in concerts, exams or rehearsals. None of them are professional quality. I’ve also added links on my repertoire page on every piece that there is a recording available.

I hope you will enjoy it!


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