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The Last Days as a Concript

254 days behind. One more ahead.

I am happy that the service is ending. The life in the  barracks have been quite different from the life I was living before the army. It’s is nice to know that finally I can go home and I don’t have to leave again in couple of days. Except for some trips…

It is  difficult to explain how it feels to be here doing the service. I had no idea. So I believe it’s only possible to know if you do it yourself. Anyway, my service has been very different than for the of the most people. I have visited quite many barracks around Finland and played for the last veterans of the wars of Finland. I have also played in many public concerts and had quite a lot contact with the civil life. And soon it will be my job.


Before the concert selfie photo by Heli Palomaa

During the last days I’ve got a promotion (leading seaman) and I passed the Cooper test. We had concerts both on Saturday and Sunday. Saturday’s concert was a part of “Puhallinpäivät” (Wind Days) in Turku. I met lots of old friends around the Finland.  The concert was great. We had Olli Leppäniemi as a soloist and everyone was thrilled.


Photo by The Finnish Navy Band

On Sunday we played in the cathedral and in the middle of the event Antti’s clarinet cracked. So I played the first clarinet part from that moment on.

After this I’ve stayed in the barracks slowly packing and giving away the materials.

Sometimes time goes slowly. But it never stops.