Holiday Madness

I thought I wouldn’t blog during my holidays, but today something got out of hand in a positive way. For these few days at home I have already lost all the routines I have in the army.

So last night ended up watching Katy Perry’s Prismatic World Tour (sorry, works only in Finland by Yle) and somehow I couldn’t get sleep although it got very late. I was so excited. I don’t consider myself as a Katy Perry fan, I think she looks good but haven’t followed her doings. I was interested to see what kind of show she had. She knows what she is doing. An hour and a half of full energy with no single weak moment. And I don’t want to talk about the music right now. It’s all the show, lights, scenes, costumes, wigs, make-up, dancing and yeah, she can sing too. I like this show business also by Lady Gaga or Rammstein. Also Muse had a cool show.

Hell yeah, I would like to do that big thing myself! Since I was a teenager I have wanted to became a rock star but something took me to the classical music education. Of course it doesn’t prevent anything. I have tried to have some band stuff during the years but somehow nothing just never worked out. But I’ve been preparing myself with singing lessons and bass guitar lessons. Also I would like to learn the stage presence that is slightly different from what I’ve used to with the clarinet. I believe after the army I might begin to find some opportunities around.

So this morning I wanted to write some of my thoughts in my diary about the band stuff and shows and then got upstairs and dragged out my cool and interesting clothes to put together some outfits.

20160103_160848After that I got back downstairs and began to play the bass and sing with the piano and the guitar too. Suddenly I noticed that many hours, perhaps five hours had past and I hadn’t been eating anything after the breakfast. This is it, the flow! It hit me and I forgot about the time and everything else and only did what was so interesting and fun for me. Of course I felt that I haven’t touched the bass for so long time that I should keep practicing for some days to be able to play well everything I tried. But today it didn’t matter. Anyway I have a quite nice repertoire for songs I could play or sing with a band. It’s all cover songs but it would be cool to create also my own music at some point. Because of the copyright issues I won’t record my singing unless I find something “free”. I wrote about my dream about the sound for this blog already earlier. Maybe I could try to get into that project now.

20160103_160759But tonight I will put all the things back on their own places.



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