Secondment in the Lapland Military Band

As a musician in the army I don’t have any forest weeks in the plan for now. But this one and half weeks are certainly something else than the usual daily routines. So maybe it would be possible to call it “musician’s camping”. I don’t have a tent but I do have my sleeping bag with me.

In the Lapland Military Band they are kind of short of clarinet players (hint for any unemployed Finnish clarinetists) so they decided to borrow me from Turku. Also two horn players came along from the Navy Band. And to make it little bit more complicated, we had two days of rehearsals in Rovaniemi, now back to Turku for one free day and for Sunday’s gigs and then back for the concert tour with the Lapland’s band. After the tour there is again one Sunday gig close to Turku and after that begins a new period for the next concerts. November goes fast!

As I was preparing to leave for the trip, I changed back to the green uniform. It brought back the memory of summer, although I was heading for the winter land.


We will spend totally three nights in trains. It was the first time for me to get into a train’s sleeping cabin. Now I got the place in the upper bunk that I didn’t choose in the barracks.

Last night I spent in the barracks in Rovaniemi with the sleeping bag. I had one interesting shower moment with a headlight. In the morning they woke us up for shovelling the snow at 5.30 am. (Well, I kind of skipped that.) And in the rehearsals I discovered that I will sing a higher bass voice in one piece.

It is possible to experience that in live of course. We will have the concerts in Oulu 17.11. Kajaani 18.11 and Rovaniemi 20.11. For more information click here.

Two concerts with the Navy Band will be in Turku 26.11. and in Lohja 27.11. More information here.


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