Standing out

I am used to spot other musicians in cities by their instrument cases. First I see the case and then I try to see if I know the person as well. I don’t know how often people pay attention to musicians normally. Otherwise I am not used to show that I am a musician. But now it’s literally written on my forehead. On the uniform cap it says “Navy Band” and on my sleeves are signs of a treble clef. So it’s made super clear for anyone that I have something to do with music and the army.

photo by Heli Palomaa

photo by Heli Palomaa

For some reason it feels weird. As I wrote before it was a good feeling to finally be noticed as a musician after being just one of the recruits. But now it is somehow like having a note symbols or a clef as a tattoo or a jewellery. In a way corny. For me it shouldn’t be so obvious to be interesting. For example my ring looks completely ordinary until I tell that it is a replica of Buffet Crampon clarinets’ metal ring. Or I wear a screw from my old note stand as a pendant and quite many people come to ask what is it. Or I tried how the harmonic series would fit on my wrist as a tattoo.

The other thing I have been thinking for these days we had concerts with the Finnish Navy Band is my usual preparation for the concerts. I don’t mean the playing but anything that comes after that, the ritual of changing clothes and putting hair and make up. Now I am wearing the same outfit all day long and also for the concerts. My hair has to be tight in the back so there is not many options of how to wear it. Also I thought I wouldn’t miss wearing make up and for the summer I didn’t. But now it would be nice to do the normal make up to look more lively. No one actually told me what is the rule in the band about the make up but I believe it can’t be very strong anyway.

photo by Juho-Pekka Palomaa

photo by Juho-Pekka Palomaa

The winter is coming and I have to admit I really like the winter jacket although now during the sunny day it might feel a bit exaggeration. For the future performances it is wise to check out the concert calender of the Finnish Navy Band. I believe I will play in the most of the concerts.


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