First Gigs and Back to the Driving School

Now it finally started. I got the first share of playing with the Finnish Navy Band. First gigs were common short events with few  marches. I also didn’t expect to get back to Upinniemi, where I did the basic training period, so soon. But we stayed only couple of hours. After that we came back to Pansio and played also here for the guys who left home yesterday. Among them were other musicians and graphic artists that I got to know during these two weeks. For sure I will miss them. Now I am the only musician here and I believe people heard it and saw it when I got to practice in one class with a glass wall.

The rest of the week will be a bit different. I was quite surprised when I first heard that I will get the license to drive military vehicles. But I’m quite excited to get back to the driving school after 10 years. Anyway it will make it so much easier to move to the city centre with a car everyday where the band is practicing.


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