Planning & Organizing

This year has required lot of planning and organizing skills. I’m in quite a lucky position to be pretty free to plan my teaching work. Of course I need to plan what to do with each student in lessons, but also I can choose when to teach. Theater work is a lot more strict in this regard. The performance is held when it’s planned and only very very serious case might cancel the performance. On the other hand you know that most of the times the planned days won’t change.

Planning requires also flexibility and understanding other people. Anything might happen. I found out in the end of January about an upcoming audition in Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. I was really excited. The audition will be held next week. Unfortunately I am not participating because I didn’t get invitation to the audition. Just too many good clarinetists applying this time. Anyway I was prepared for organizing my teaching on other days right when I heard about the audition first time. And so has been with some other things too, that I have had to be prepared to change the normal timetables but eventually the days have stayed normal. This takes some time to figure out what is the best way to do everything and seeing all the possibilities. So far I haven’t had to give any lessons during the weekends for this spring and I am really happy about that.

Two other big planning projects began also at the change of the year. The first one was to fulfill the dream of a concert with a pianist friend. I luckily understood already before graduating how great it is to have a possibility to perform in great concert halls with other musicians close to you. After graduating only very few of all musicians are invited to play in concerts anything they want. So I was ready to work for my dream. We got a great concept for our concert so the excitement took over and we decided to plan it for this spring. The first thing to think about when organizing the concert is finding the venue. I wanted to use the concert hall of Ostrobothnian Concervatory because that is the institute where I started to play the clarinet. Since I am working there at the moment I am allowed to book the halls for my own use. Quite many venues costs quite a lot for a private person to book. One idea is of course to get some kind of funding for organizing the concerts or then the costs should be covered by the ticket sell. As we are not still very famous musicians and we want to offer our performance for everyone, we decided to have a free entrance for our concerts. I was able to find another venue for free in Oulu as well. So we just had to set the dates for the concerts.

After having set the dates for March we started to plan the practicing timetable. It becomes quite difficult when the distance is somewhat 600 km. Quite soon we had to admit that there was not enough time to practice before the settled days. So we decided to postpone the concerts until May. In Oulu we had to also find another venue since the new dates were not suitable for the venue we first had.

I traveled to Helsinki with a bus during the night after having a full working day with performance in the theater and teaching few students. Still I was totally excited to get there and began to work with the pieces. Also my friend came to Oulu only to stay for few hours to practice. We had a great breakfast and practiced until the lounch time and then she took another train to another city to play. Another weekend trip to Helsinki for as exciting for me as the first one. This time we also took photos for the marketing.

Marketing is really important for concerts if you wish to have any audience. And we do this all to get to play for the people, not only for ourselves. Nowadays social media enables fast and targeted marketing of events to people. As it’s so easy and there is a lot going on, the problem is to be noticed among the flooding invitations. We are also creating posters and planning to have articles in some locals news papers if it’s possible. For my own students I will send messages.

We still had to change both dates of the concerts. I noticed that it makes me a lot stressed when I start to suspect if the dates are now fixed. But again it is a matter of how much we want to do this. The pianist got another concert offering and that was a great opportunity for her. Also it was a really bad luck to have the entrance examinations on the same day as our another concert. Anyway she will have interesting and demanding weeks ahead with a lot of playing.

As you can see, the planning of the concert is a long process with many strings to hold in your hands. If you feel that you don’t find time or energy for something, it might be that you don’t actually really want to do it so much. Other times the life chooses for you as what happened with the audition in Turku Philharmonic Orchestra. And already now it seems that it was supposed to go this way: on 5th of May I will travel to Turku to an audition for the Navy Band.

That is the another big project for this spring to apply for the military service. And quite unexpectedly came also the job offering in the same band I wanted to do my service. Still I have to wait for few weeks to be sure if I will start in July.

All in all, the spring has been eventful as it seems to be in every spring. There is a lot of excitement in the air about all the changes in my life. Still one more month before probably quite short summer holiday.

Keep on buzzing around!


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