I’ve been thinking quite long time that I would need a notation software for my laptop. I have been using Sibelius at work and in Tampere as we had a course for that as a part of my studies. I also thought there would be something free/ open source software but I just never got to finding it myself until someone just mentioned MuseScore about a week ago. Having few free days for Easter, it was perfect time to check this out.

Since I’m using Linux Ubuntu for my laptop I was really excited to try this software. But it didn’t work right away. The sound was missing but I finally fixed the problem. Interestingly, the software still blocks all other sound coming from the computer while it’s on.

I only had a quick glance how to use it but it seems to be really easy with many similar features as Sibelius that I have used a lot. Can’t wait to get to know MuseScore better!


2 thoughts on “MuseScore

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