Spring Update

It’s lovely to see more and more sunlight in the North and enjoy skiing with lots of snow. With this wonderful energy it’s good time to take a look to what is coming for this spring.

photo by Heli Palomaa

photo by Heli Palomaa

Just last weekend I spent in Helsinki. Purpose for my trip was to practice with a lovely pianist, Mirva Helske. We are organizing concerts in Kokkola and Oulu. I’m totally excited to play such a great music with a good friend. Also it’s one of my dreams to have my own recital.

On Saturday night there happened to be also concert of the Sibelius Academy symphony orchestra. It was crazy how many familiar people I met! I knew probably half of the players and some of the people who came to listen. There was even one of the previous presidents of Finland, Martti Ahtisaari.

This made me feel that even I never got into Sibelius Academy to study myself, (and the last time I applied it felt as I was never supposed to get in since I couldn’t take a part of the exams due a pretty serious sickness), I’m still inside the music field. I know so many musicians that when they need me, they will contact me. For sure I need to still work and get more contacts but quite many people know that I exist.

Of course the concert itself was also great experience. My first reaction was that I want to be part of the orchestra. I want to have my place there and give myself for the music and the audience. Anyhow at the half of the concert I also realized that those players were still students and that I’m not a student. I mean that somehow I didn’t want to play in this orchestra as a student but I want to play in a professional orchestra. Does it mean that I’m ready? At least it helps me to be sure that I really want to take a part with the audition to Turku Philharmonic Orchestra in April with all my heart. It feels right. And for sure it’s going to feel like everything from terrible mistake to the dream of my life as it always does when there are those 10 minutes ahead of me that can change the course of my whole life.

Also my story in the Oulu city theater will go on for a little bit after the Amadeus. I’ll be playing in few of the performances of the musical “The Addams Family”. I will write the days of my performances closer to the dates.

I love this feeling that everything is in a progress. I’m not even sure where I’m going to live after this spring but as my new 74 years old clarinet student said: Things tend to find a way to solve out just fine. Also all the time I’m learning to respect myself more as a musician.


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