Working in Theater – Last shows of Amadeus


photo by Hilla Mäkinen

Vielä on kuusi näytöstä jäljellä Amadeusta. There are six more shows left of Amadeus.

9.1. klo 19.00
30.1. klo 13.00
7.2. klo 19.00
12.2. klo 19.00
20.2. klo 19.00
21.2. klo 13.00

I also wanted to write about my experiences in working in the theater. I had a great feeling of combining both the music and the theater world in a new way for me. Usually musicians are wearing black black black and for these kind of shows we are not to be seen. We are situated in a pit and it means sitting still and quiet for the time not playing. This time we got our own dresses and make up. Of course after a while it becomes a routine and loses its glamor. Few times the dresses causes troubles while getting stuck in shoe heels or other places. The dress got even one of our singers stuck under the stage!

Usually we have conductors to guide our enters of the music. Now our small ensemble had to learn to begin with text cues. Now it feels all happens automatically although you still have to be careful not to lose concentration on the spot.

That is one of the main differences I think. Musicians are mostly used to work for one or two performances with one repertoire. In theater you must find the energy to do the same thing all over again. Sometimes after a concert I wished to have a chance to repeat it. But after doing the same thing for 10 times it doesn’t feel so fresh as in the beginning.

One thing that I was thinking during the rehearsals was the acting and playing. If some actor forgot his or her line, they simply snapped their fingers and the line was said to them. Also there is usually a way to say things differently without losing the meaning. In music it’s different. We are thought to stick on the notes and play in the correct time the correct notes. Otherwise it doesn’t work well together. And if a musician forgets something… Well, we have to begin again or hope that it works for the next time. I think using the live music was new in this way for the director as well. Live music is certainly alive and doesn’t happen the same way almost ever. Slightly difference in tempo and it’s either one second longer or shorter than before. Despite the problems we patched it together and I’m happy with the result.

While we are on the stage it means also interesting positions. Usually not all of the players see singers or hear them or even musicians are apart. We have to walk across the stage while playing. As soon as the music becomes easy, the things to remember are where to be and where to go next. First times when you hear that somethings is coming out of the ceiling you are ready to jump anywhere. Also they might yell “The wheel will spin!” and you check panicking if your both feet are either on the wheel or outside of it. Jumping off or on the spinning wheel is one experience. As we are most of the time playing by the notes (which seemed to be weird for theater stuff) we need light to see our notes. Still some places we are left in the dark but we have learned those places by heart already.

Of course we don’t have to be on the stage all the time. During longer brakes the soft sofa and bad jokes on the “Mocca square” let us relax before next enter. It’s amazing feeling to change a poker face just when stepping back on the stage. How does it work? It’s somehow a different world on the stage and even after those 10 times you will get those same feelings on the stage while listening the dialog and being part of the scene.

I wish you welcome to the shows!


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