The mouthpiece hunt

After a long while I just got an idea to ask to try some mouthpieces from a great clarinetist, Christoffer Sundqvist, who visited Oulu for a concert as a soloist. What a great concert! I got few to try but I think this time I didn’t find anything for me.

So what is it about. I think most of the clarinet players know this thing. I don’t know if it’s any easier for anyone else. Or any other instrumentalists using mouthpieces. How do people find “the perfect” setup? Sometimes I think for some instruments it’s easier since it’s not about so many pieces. Just one piece between the instrument and the player like for example with brass instruments.

Sometimes the possibilities seems infinite. First to choose the mouthpiece of too many possibilities, then find the good reeds to fit in and then a good ligature. You would wish that someone would just tell you what to do and find the solutions. But I believe most of the clarinetist I know, own more than two mouthpieces and they still always want to try anything new that comes on their way.

I even feel I don’t know enough about mouthpieces. They change only little bit but still that makes the big difference. Crucial millimeters are in so called facing and opening. And after a while you get totally lost and confused with all the options.

At the moment my mouthpiece is not the worst one. But many people who have heard me playing tell me that it’s maybe not the most fitting for me. And I know also myself that I would like to find more easy blowing bigger sound. At least I have some image. And maybe it is about the feeling too. If it feels good, it should sound good too?

I was already thinking that maybe it’s just that I don’t know how to play. That I could learn to play well with what I’ve got. But today I got to try in the big hall and what a difference the mouthpiece made. Also we got amazed by how different the one setup can sound for two different players.

What can I say. Everyone is totally individual and the hunt must go on.


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