Dream about the Sound

There is still actually something really important missing from my wordpress webpage and it’s of course music. The problem is how to create that. I have a recorder so it would be possible to record something and publish it here, but actually it’s not that simple if I want to do it right.

Well, who owns the music?

I have been playing and singing just for fun with my friend some cover songs but if I would want to record them I should get permit of the copyright owners and also probably pay some fees.

As a “classical” musician I’m used to play music that is composed to be played by other performers than the composers themselves. There is also some rules of what music you can freely record and publish. In Teosto webpage (http://www.teosto.fi/teosto/usein-kysyttya) it’s said that the copyright is valid for the composers lifetime and 70 years after that. After recording this kind of music, I would use it as promotional material. Anyway someone might use my recordings for their own purposes without asking me or giving the information that the performer is me.

One option would be to compose my original music and record that. I’m not yet registered in Teosto or any other copyright offices. That would mean that even if I would have the copyright of my own work, someone might use it without asking my permit and try to get profit with it. Sometimes it’s very difficult to keep on track on copyright violations since the world of Internet has changed and it makes possibile for individuals to publish whatever they want anywhere. Sometimes it’s just sad that they won’t respect the rights of the creative people that want to do original stuff. On the other hand, it’s one of the easiest way to publish own version of a popular song if you want to be noticed.

I have been playing for few recordings myself. Everytime we young musicians have been asked to sign contracts where we give all our rights away for the material so we are not able to get any profit ourselves. If we won’t do it, we are not able to play on those recordings or DVD’s.

So there will be my music availabe as soon as I figure out what is the best way to make it.


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