103 ECTS credits and few other gigs

My last year as a students seems to be soon over and my second Bachelor degree completed. This 9 months in Oulu have been really busy. One year ago in Tallinn I was thinking about this year. I actually thought I would have more time for hobbies. But now I realize that I completed over 60 ECTS credits (that is normal for one year studies), I’m not wondering that I felt running from one place to another.

There has been many interesting things like project called Particle Plays, a gig in Russia, Ruskatrööttä wind orchestra event in Rantasalmi, FISOC projects in Oulu and Piteå, applying to the competition Concours Debussy in Paris, gigs in Kempele, Rovaniemi, Sodankylä and Kemi, my first real audition in Oslo, Mozart’s Clarinet Quintet, Sonate by Brahms, lots of teaching kids, one more thesis, slowly begininng working in Oulu city teather, and finally my clarinet exam last week.

Of course I’ve also met lots of new friends and other people and got to know city of Oulu with it’s many cultural activities.

The summer is finally coming. I have no clear plans yet, but for sure I will be playing. Next autumn is also already in my mind while I will try to plan how to combine working in the teather and teaching in Kokkola. But I can say that I’m happy to have job in my own field.


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