FISOC Project in Piteå, Sweden & Clarinet exam next week

Spring time is the busy time. Finally my thesis is ready and soon I will publish it here too. It means I have also more time to write this blog.

May started fine with a wonderful trip to Piteå, Sweden. We had symphony orchestra project with Festivo International meaning the symphony orchestra brought together students from Oulu, Kristiansand (Norway) and Piteå. We had four days before concert to put together Piano Concerto nr. 2 by Rachmaninov and Organ symphony by Saint-Saëns. I played only in Saint-Saëns so for me those four days were also a break with the teaching the clarinet. I had finally time to practice myself! Lovely.

Of course orchestra playing was great too. I met some people I had got to know already earlier in November 2013 when we had our first project together but I also got to know lots of knew people and spent time with friends from Oulu too. The rooms might have been a bit cold but the atmosphere trhoughout the project was warm and happy. It is really important to give these opportunities for young musicians to work together with people from other countries. We also enjoyed a flute concert/exams by our students from Oulu one night.

When coming back to Finland I also realized that my exam will be already next week. I’m feeling quite excited about it but maybe also little bit nervous. I still have many things to do before next Wednesday and also things that keep me away from the playing.

Anyway, I try to remind myself that it is going to be a really nice concert and I wish my audience to enjoy it. Then it will be easier to forget that it is the final exam. And finally I can wear my beautiful dress!

It is possible to follow the concert live from anywhere in the world via Internet live streaming.


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