Travelling with Instruments

I’m just on my way back from a trip. I had my clarinets fixed in Lahti by RoHi oy.

I’m not sure when was the first time I travelled with my instrument. For sure after my studies in Tampere began, the travelling with instruments became one significant part of it. I believe that I have learned how to pack very efficient way and one of the recent cases was flying from Oulu to Oslo for an audition with only hand luggage for one weekend. And this included three clarinets in two bags and everything else I needed for this couple of days, like a dress and shoes.

photo by Heli Palomaa

photo by Heli Palomaa

Nowadays I enjoy travelling light and for sure those few times I don’t need to take my instruments with me. Usually there is some concerts involved so it means also taking the concert outfit with me. For ladys it’s usually easier with light dresses compared to men’s suits but on the other hand women need a lot more other stuff. Or do they? Quite many times the trip is at least one week long and once even three weeks long. There’s always a small hurray if I don’t have to take my sleeping bag or sheets with me. I’m happy that clarinets fit in quite small space. Big instrument players for sure are not always happy to pay an extra seat when flying.

Once I experienced a nightmare of every musician: I forgot my clarinets in the bus. But I was extremily lucky, because after realizing that something is missing after aobut half an hour, I rushed back to the bus terminal in Helsinki and tried to find the bus. All drivers I talked to thought first that I was late from a bus. But finally I found the driver of the other bus that also came from Tampere about at the same time (quite weird) and he said he might get into the bus where my clarinets were trapped. I was for sure ready to wait until the other driver would come back from his break, but luckily the door opened and my babies were safely in the upper self waiting for me.

Whenever travelling I always notice other musicians because of their instruments cases. Then I try to see if I happen to know them or just smile understanding.


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