Privileged to study music

I never thought I would become a musician. For sure it’s not the easiest profession, but it gives so much. For me it was for 10 years just a hobby that my parents guided me to do and I thought I will end playing the clarinet as soon as I finish with school and plan to go study something else. But then I thought again: 10 years. And I had just the right teacher at that moment.

This year becomes full 18 years of playing the clarinet. And these eight years have been amazing. I think, maybe yesterday was on really good example of what it has been.

I had my clarinet lesson in Oulu Sinfonia guys dressing room as so many times before. I’ve kind of used to see the musicians go and come but today there was a knock at the door. I struggled to open the door with my clarinet in my hands and got surprised after recognizing the man at the door. Kari Kriikku entered the room and said that he thought my teacher, Markku Korhonen, was playing alone. Immediately Markku invited Kari to help us to find some other options for my piece. I was so thrilled to play!

In the evening there was Oulu Sinfonia concert with Kari Kriikku playing Magnus Lindberg’s Clarinet Concerto. Amazing! And the encore piece! I was laughing. After the break also the lovely Kalevala – suite by Uuno Klami that brought me memories from one summer music camp. After the concert there was yet an interview with Kari Kriikku. I was happy that so many people asked questions and were interested.

I am so happy that I choose this path. I have learned so much about music and I enjoy it so much. Not only the classical or art music. And at some point I thought I’m too rock for classical and too classical for rock. Now I think I’m enough both. I still rock with the electric bass and at the same time start to fall in love with Mozart (finally). Sometimes I think I’m lazy to go to see the concerts. Maybe because I do so many things with music all the time. But this Oulu Sinfonia concert was really something that I could honestly agree with one old lady that we were both stunned.


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